Warmie- Elephant

Warmie- Elephant


Warm this sweet Elephant for 60 seconds in your microwave and enjoy an hour of toasty cuddling!  Warmies are by Intelex.

Suitability: Suitable for ages 3+

Dimensions: Approximately 13" long.

Heating Time: Simply warm for 60 seconds up to a 1000W microwave.

Safety Certification: American toy safety standard ASTM-f963

Cleaning: Cleaning is easy, simply surface clean with a damp sponge.

Scent: Gently scented with relaxing lavender.

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Intelex Cozy Plush are a new range of large fully microwavable PLUSH toys. Simply warm them in a microwave for two minutes to release the wonderfully soothing lavender aroma.

Intelex Cozy Plush fully microwavable heatable plush represent incredible value. There are 18 super soft characters to choose from, which include the best sellers. Cozy Plush toys are the most popular microwavable products on the market.

Cute & cuddly animals to keep you warm

  • Gently scented with relaxing lavender
  • Can be surfaced cleaned with a damp sponge
  • Approximate size: 10"
  • Suitable for ages 3+




Intelex is the first company in the world to use flax seeds as a filling material for microwavable gifts. Intelex has spent over 18 months researching and developing suitable treatments for this material to make it the perfect replacement for wheat. No other company offers such a soft filling material with what they see to be the perfect heat retention characteristics.

Lighter than wheat

Intelex uses 690 grams to fill their Cozy Plush products instead of 850 - making them lighter and easier for children to carry.

Better feel

The smaller, rounder flax seeds uniquely have a much softer, more fluid feel.

Better heat curves

Flax filled products stay warm for 30% longer than wheat or flaxseed and heats evenly with no 'hot-spots'.

Less affected by humidity

Flax filled do not absorb as much moisture from the air as wheat and so smells fresher even after long periods in storage and after many uses in a microwave. They also do not require "a cup of water" to rehydrate having been in the microwave.



Intelex has spent over 18 months developing a series of treatments for flax to ensure it is safe to use again and again over a long period of time. Their flax filled products conform to EN71- 1/2/3, ATM F963, BS8433-2004 and CE safety standards.

Intelex holds unblemished track record for total safety and impeccable quality.

All Intelex products exceed the relevant safety standards including: British safety standard BS8433:2004, European toy safety standard EN71-1/2/3, and American toy safety standard ASTM-f963



Intelex is the market leader in fully microwavable soft toys and gifts, and the world's largest manufacturer of fully microwavable gifts.

Established in London in 1995, Intelex designs all of its products in-house and manufactures to exacting standards in their factories in UK and China.